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Let's talk about Goldenrod and Seasonal Allergies.

Many people suffer from seasonal fall allergies, and many people falsely accuse goldenrod as the culprit. Well I'm here to tell you that's likely not the case. Goldenrod pollen is NOT airborne (it is purely insect pollinated), and although it is the most noticeable plant blooming during this time, it is the simultaneously blooming and less showy ragweed that is almost certainly causing your allergy symptoms with it's airborne pollen. Ragweed and Goldenrod are NOT the same thing!
Furthermore, this is a classic case in nature where the antidote plant grows alongside the irritating plant - like jewelweed and stinging nettle. Goldenrod is actually an effective allergy remedy, with it's drying, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has 7 times the antioxidants of green tea!
This Allergy Honey is a powerful combo of decongestant, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory plants with the healing properties of raw honey. Also effective for other pollen allergies, pet allergies, sinusitis, and clearing up the late stages of a cold. 

Available in 1oz travel size for $8 or 3oz family size for $24.

Allergy Honey (aka Golden Honey)

  • Local Raw Honey, Wild Goldenrod, Wild Stinging Nettle, Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Vodka, and Organic Lemon.

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